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Flight to Champasak

To save time, air transportation is available in Champasak province.Champasak airport is one of standard airports in Laos. Now Lao airline and Thai airline serve passengers . Form Vientaine airport can fly to ...

Geeting to and arround Champasak

You can get to Champasak Province from Thailand via the Chong Mek border at Vang Tao east of Ubon Ratchathani; from Cambodia via the Veun Kham border crossing north of Stung Treng, fly directly from Siem Reap ...

Getting to Pakse

You can get to Pakse by bus from Vientiane, Thakek or Savannakhet.

Getting To The Four Thousand Islands

There are two main options for getting to the islands from Pakse, depending upon which islands you are heading to.