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Boun Suang Heua (Boat Racing Festival)

This festival is annually organized to express people's appreciation to the Mekong River for supporting their life.   The ceremonies are taken place at the Mekong river bank and each temple. Wat Luang  temple is the main temple which organizes boat racing.

On the first day in the early morning Buddhists gather at each temple and give alms to monks and in return monks bless people. 

On the same day in the evening people gather again to temples and parade around the temple three times following monks with candles.  After the parade, some groups prepare "Lay Huapi", long boats made by bamboo and banana trees, and put them on the river.   In the boats, people put cakes, foods, flowers, and many colored candles for decoration. Also some people prepare "Katthong", smaller boats made by banana trees, and put candles on them. On the Second day at around 7:00 o'clock, a boat racing ceremony starts at the Sedon river bank. Then boat racing starts. The boats from other districts of Champasak race each other.
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